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How Merchants and Consumers Can Work Together to Help Combat Credit Card Fraud

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It’s unfortunate that credit card fraud and identity theft or other hacks have become so common that we tend to shrug when we hear another example on the news. We use credit cards, accepting the risk that we might get hacked, and can pretty much list offhand the necessary steps we should be taking if we find out that someone has gotten ahold of our credit card information. Most businesses accept a variety of credit cards, various electronic payments from our phones, and that trend is sure to continue. This does mean, however, that we’re continually putting ourselves at risk for fraud or hacking. The United States spends a little under $8 billion every year, trying to combat or recoup credit card fraud losses. However, there are methods that businesses can take to help put a stop to credit

An Online Presence Can Help Your Bueiness, but Can it Harm Your Business as Well?

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In contemporary society, more and more of what people do is based in the online community. Whether you’re a consumer or a business owner, the importance of having an online presence is becoming increasingly important. But if you’re a business owner with an online presence, how can you expand your customer base and protect your business at the same time?

The answer to both questions is merchant
chargeback protection. Chargeback occurs when an order doesn’t go through or an item is not received by the buying customer, and allows their bank to refund the amount of the purchase, as well as charge you a fee. The most common reasons for chargeback are fraudulent purchases and credit ca