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7 Tips to Keeping Your Heavy Equipment Running Well

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Komatsu remanufactured equipment

If your business relies on heavy equipment, you know how important it is to keep it running the way it should. From having spare heavy equipment on hand to taking some steps to maintain it, it is possible to keep all of your heavy equipment components and machinery running well.

  1. Keep it clean. One of the easiest things you can do to keep your machinery running is to schedule time to clean it. You need to make sure you clean all of the heavy equipment parts to keep it all running smoothly. When dirt, mud and dust get into the various heavy equipment parts, it can do a lot of damage. When your machinery is clogged with dirt, it can cause undue wear and tear on the heavy equipment

3 Used Caterpillar Parts Not to Skimp Out On

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Heavy equipment oil coolers

One of the most popular brands for heavy equipment components, such as commercial engine cylinders, line bores, and machinery used for cutting edges is Caterpillar Inc. One of the best ways to save yourself a little money replacing heavy equipment parts that inevitably break down at some point or another is to find used Caterpillar parts. While it’s definitely a cost-effective and efficient means to do so there are certain used Cat parts you’re going to want to be especially diligent in selecting when buying used. These three used Caterpillar parts i