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Archive for April 11, 2018

The Definition of Expedited Shipping

Written by admin on . Posted in Expedited freight, Freight carriers, Pharma logistics solution

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The shipping industry is currently, without question, at the absolute heights of their power. There are more people that use the shipping industry to get the items that they want on a daily basis than ever before. A lot of this comes from people ordering items online, also known as E-commerce shipping.

The LTL market is currently estimated to have a value of nearly $35 billion. LTL stands for less-than-truckload and specifically deals with, as the name states, shipments less than a truckload’s worth. This is one of the most popular types of shipping and ties right into the expedited trucking definition.

In 2013, trucking transported nearly 15 billion tons of cargo. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that by 2040, that number is expected to increase to 18.79 billion tons. This is because the exp