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State And Federal Governments Take A Closer Look At “Natural” Label

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Food packaging labels are coming under fire. Food products may be shelved in organic sections, thanks to food product labels purported that they are “natural.” How does this happen? “Food and beverage companies can label their products ‘natural’ without having to meet a clear definition by the FDA,” Fox News reports. Similarly, companies can use the terms “nutritious” and “wholesome” without much to back it up, and — in many states — it is even perfectly legal for companies to make their own determinations about whether a product is “GMO-Free.”

What The Public Should Look For

There are some regulations

Help Your Products Stand Out with In Mold Labeling and Packaging

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Shrink sleeve label

When choosing how to package a product, manufacturers have plenty of aspects of the packaging design to consider. For those who need food packaging labels, for instance, many prefer a label that glues or sticks onto a package; tin cans and bottles often use cut and stack labels for a simple packaging solution. Others may prefer heat shrink sleeve labels, which are sealed around a product. These are especially popular for bottled beverages, but they can be used for almost any application.

However, there is another type of labeling to consider when designing a product package: in mold labeling. In mold labeling places th