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3 Benefits of a Shipping Container Home for the Job Site

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You’re a reputable foreman for a distinguished construction company and your job is to travel from place to place to build commercial buildings. Unfortunately, you can’t afford to put yourself up in a hotel the whole time you’re there and you’re unable or unwilling to drive back and forth. Luckily, you’re extremely resourceful and know how to solve a problem; it’s why you’re a great foreman.

So, you consider buying a container home for this and every job site from here on out. However, because you’re such a good foreman, you want to know just what you’re getting. That’s when you stumble on these benefits of a container home.


You’re not buying a 4,000 square foot home in the suburbs, so there’s a major price difference already. These homes are a result of shipping container solutions and are a fraction of the cost of a permanent home. Moreover, if you consider the long-term

Top 3 Reasons to Look at Shipping Containers For Modular Housing

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If you’re setting up a long-term work site, it’s likely you’ll need job site trailers that are durable. Many last a maximum of five years, thanks to cheap wood and vinyl material not being terribly durable. However, a new solution is coming up quickly — one that benefits the environment and your team. Modular housing solutions composed of recycled shipping containers are becoming ever more popular. They’re portable and easy to relocate, as well as durable, making them ideal choices for temporary housing or work spaces on a site. Modular housing (even if it’s not made of shipping containers) is quick and easy to put together — some can be made in the factory in just one to two weeks. Let’s discuss the benefits of container structures as modular housing elements and how they can best serve your needs.

Why Should I Look at Container Structures for Modular Housing?