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How Juvenile’s One Hit Wonder Track Can Help You Understand the Importance of Chargeback Credit Cards

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Chargeback protection for ecommerce

Rapper Juvenile’s career may have been short lived during the late 1990′s, but his catchy one hit wonder, “Back That Thang Up” released during his 15 minutes of fame still rings true today, especially when it comes to chargeback credit cards. Though it’s pretty safe to assume that the last thing on Juvenile’s mind was chargeback credit cards and chargeback protection, the catch phrase is still pretty on point when you think about it.

So what is a chargeback credit card and what can it do for you? Imagine it’s a typical Saturday night and you are ready to turn up. Not just any ol’ turn up, but you finna get turnt, responsibly of course. Anyway, you open your mobile banking or credit card app to check your balance

3 Ways To Increase Your Merchant Chargeback Protection

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Secure payment processing

If your business focuses on e-commerce and you rely on online sales for a good portion of your revenue, it goes without saying that you need to have secure payment gateway services, complete with merchant chargeback protection for card not present transactions, if you want to ensure that your business isn’t hit with claims stating that you need to cover the costs of fraudulent charges. Having a secure payment processing service is definitely the cornerstone when it comes to this type of digital security.

But let’s be honest here — hackers have gotten through even the best security systems and dishonest customers have found loopholes in legal documents,