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Archive for July 3, 2018

Extend the Life of your Road Seal Coating and Crack Sealing

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There’s no doubt about it: cracked and uneven pavement shows, and driving on a damaged asphalt drive will only damage it further. Before you take out the asphalt road around your building or property, though, consider investing in pavement services to repair any imperfections on the roadside. Studies show that smoothing out an uneven road can extend its life up to 25%, so it pays to look into pavement maintenance before your road is beyond repair.

Seal Coating

Seal coating entails adding a hot sealant
(either tar or asphalt based) to an asphalt road to slow the process of deterioration. As cracks form in the pavement, oil, water, and air get in and can slowly start to oxidize the asphalt. Seal coating essentially acts as a glue to hold the asphalt together. Seal coat

What it Takes to Make a Vaccine

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Pull out your scientific lab notebook:. it’s time to understand how vaccines are developed. If you are a student thinking about the eight years of college education that it will take to become a pharmacist, or are just interested in what takes place over the 10 to 15 years it takes to develop a vaccine, keep reading for all the notes you need to fill up your scientific lab notebook.

The World Before Vaccines

Today, students all over the United States or filling up scientific lab notebook after notebook with information to help them develop the next important scientific breakthrough, and we can easily take vaccines for granted. It was not always like this. Before vaccines became a worldwide reality, everyday people lives constantly with the fear of severe illness and death or disability from diseases that today have been almost entirely eradicated. In the 20th century alone, approximately 300,000,000 people died from smallpox bef