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Four Advantages of School Portables

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Tight financial situations and budget cuts can affect the quality of resources of public schools. Many public schools are currently struggling to keep up with technological times and to even find sufficient space for classrooms and students. The first step in solving this education problem is to create additional space for students. School portables just might be the solution to this problem.

The need for school portables
When a school does not have sufficient space available for all of its students, it results in larger class sizes. Larger class sizes often produce failing grades and poor attendance rates. The teacher simply cannot keep up with all of the students. Even if a school has additional teacher interest, this does not solve the problem if there are no ad

Updating Security Plans and Procedures Help Instill Confidence

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We live in troubling times. In fact, safety procedures and precautions that were once only required of banks other financial institutions are now a part of many other places. From schools to hospitals to churches and doctor’s offices, more and more places are having to pay attention to managed access control systems and other different security system products.
In the heart of the midwest, a Saturday morning informational meeting had as its sole purpose to inform pastors and church council members of the steps that they can take to make sure that their own congregations are safe. In the same week when area churches were considering the plans that they need to have in place, an area superintendent felt compelled to compose a letter to the 3,000 families in the district.
At at time when